Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day 1 of 90 day blog challenge

Well, today is the first day of a 90 day blog challenge I have agreed to.........what have I gotten into?!?! We, meaning myself and 3 other friends have decided to blog every day for 90 day. Will she be able to do it, you are asking yourself. Well, we shall see LOL

First of all, maybe I will learn a few tricks along the line, like how to link up their blogs so you can check them out :::as I yell for Tamiko McCurry to help me with that part::: and other things I have no idea what I am doing. (pssst, don't tell everyone I don't know what I am doing, we will keep that our little secret).

We can blog about anything we want, it can be about art we have made, our gardens or what we did that day LOL. Hint, my life is boring so I may have to embellish a  bit here....

I have been wanting to get my hair cut but can't decide on what I want to do with it. I always find a picture I like but I think what I do is look at the woman that has the cut and think that's cute when really, the woman is cute. So then I get my hair cut just like it and wonder why I don't "look cute".

Here is the one I am leaning towards right now
 Isn't that cute? Or is it the woman that looks cute with that cut?!?!?! I would love to find the right beautician that will be honest with me and tell me whether or not something will look good with my face structure and my age! I want them to give me suggestions and tell me straight up, no that won't look good but.........and then show me images or what they have done with other clients.

Well, that is my blog for May 1st, 2015,  my other friends are Tamiko McCurry, Sandee Setliff and Sandy Beach. When I learn to hook their blogs with mine, you will be able to check theirs out.

Hey....ta is Tamikos LOL go check it out. She is fantastic as are the other two. Ok, see you tomorrow on the 2nd.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Puling Weeds

Here's another project I made using another piece of that wood I found while taking our dog for a walk. (I picked up a few pieces....ok, maybe more than a few :) ). And this will work out great. I may never have weeds in my yard again because........I don't have a doorbell! LOL

Anyway, I painted the wood with this cute little bottle of paint I picked up at ACE Hardware. They are just small samples but the bonus....they have a small "paint brush" build into the lid. How cool is that? I then used my brown Faber Castel Pitt Pen to write the quote then used a stencil I picked up at Walmart to make the "weeds", I used American Yellow Green and Apple Barrel Spring Green. I then used twine for the hanger and added raffia to make it look like weeds already pulled.

Can't wait to see who starts pulling my weeds......

I love using found objects to repurpose.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #11 "April Showers"

Today I made a card for the Mixed Media Monthly Challenge #11 called April Showers. You can find all the details on the blog here It is a simple card but it has to do with rain. You can use boots, rain drops umbrellas just anything to do with rain.
Thanks for stopping by and check out the challenge and join.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wicked Witch plaque

This is a plaque that I just finished. I will be hanging it on my front porch (it represents how I have been feeling lately, LOL)

I took 2 pieces of wood that I found while taking my dog for a walk one day. I saw them and thought, huh, I could make something with that. Come on, you all know you have done that before!

First I started by sanding them then Then I used some white craft paint from Apple Barrel and painted both sides and of each piece. I then took Americana acrylic paint called Pumpkin and painted the outside edges. I found some images on the internet and traced them and then painted them with DecoArt Carbon Black. For the green areas, I used Faber Castell Big Pitt brush and the orange around the rim I used Faber Castell orange Gelato. When everything was dry I went over it with DecoArt traditions satin varnish. I then used some raffia to make the broom and used small twigs from my yard. I then glued them on using Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue.

Here is the finished product, side 1 when I am home and side 2 when I leave the house LOLOL

Seems I need to wash my siding this spring...