Sunday, August 14, 2016

Canvas using an old cupboard door

Made this canvas using an old cabinet door and putting canvas paper over it. Not sure what I am going to do with it yet, hang it, sell it.......something anyway. The flowers are all made out of canvas also.

Have a great day everyone.

National Watermelon Day canvas

Every Summer Has A Story Canvas

Today is National Watermelon Day, yes, every day is National something. Who knew.....So today, I designed my post around Watermelons.
Summer, my favorite time of year. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh everything!!!
Today I made a canvas having to do with summer and watermelons.  I drew and colored a couple bird houses and then fussy cut some images I found.
Helmar 5
I then used my Helmar Decoupage and pasted down all the cutouts.
Helmar 6
I decided to also fussy cut a fence and a wheelbarrow, two of each, decoupaged the first layer down and then used Helmar  ZapDots to add dimension to the canvas by layering the second cut out down. On the wheelbarrow I cut out some watermelons and added those.
I then found some boarders that had watermelons on them and a green checkered pattern and added those to the sides of the canvas.
Helmar 3 Helmar 4
Here is a photo of the Helmar products I used which you can find to buy here. Check out their website and see all the products they have to offer.
And, here is a photo of the finished canvas and a photo of the side.
Helmar 1Helmar 2 

Making Thank you cards with handmade paper

Soon to be Thank You cards

Well another Monday which means another week starting. Today I am making cards to send to my sister who is a consultant for a Make-up company. She likes to send Thank You cards to her big clients when they order from her.

I make 5 cards to a set and she is asking for 3 sets right now. I made 2 plain ones because she does have male clients who purchase from her and I made a pink one, yellow one and one with confetti.
(the other two sets will be the same). To make the yellow and pink ones, I just added a little craft paint to the water and let the paper set in it for a few minutes.

I have not stamped on them yet because she is still looking for that "perfect Thank You" stamp she wants me to put on them. (rolling eyes here because I told her I had lots of Thank You stamps)

The supplies I used

Arnold Grummer Paper making mill

Craft paint (any color is fine)



After making the sheets, I ironed them flat. She doesn't need envelopes with them because she just writes a little note on the card and sends it with the product. Easy Peasy!!

What kinds of paper would you make with your paper making mill? You can find all the items you need to make your own here, check out all they have to offer including molds that you can make and add to anything. Have fun!