Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cottonwood Arts Blog Hop

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I think the following is my all time favorite project I have ever done. It is called a Circle Journal. What you  do is make a journal and use as many pages as need. You put the instructions on the front page, as shown in the second picture. The first picture is the cover.

Then you send it to everyone you want to add to it, in this case, it was all my brothers and  sisters. I think this made its way all over the U.S. LOL Everyone was dedicated so  many pages and the theme for ours was "What are your fondest memories growing up" then everyone was to write (in their own handwriting) what they liked and to also add pictures.

The first one above is the one I made (first page of my pages) the second picture is of a sister we lost at the age of 33, so we all put a good memory of her also.

The last page is pockets with a tag inside and everyone was to write their names, address, and the date they received it. This took almost a year to get back to me. We made it for my mother on Mothers day. She LOVED it! Everyone came home for that day because her birthday is the same month (the same day on some years) and they were all so excited to read it and see what everyone else had written. They all agreed it was so much fun to do. Altho, some of them did NOT follow directions completely. LOL They were to decorate their own pages themselves. They just thought I would do it for them.......Now how, when they already had everything written and pictures attached?? Oh well, it turned out great. The following picture is the back cover.

If you have never done a Circle Journal, read up on how you do one, they are so much fun and your family, friends or whomever you choose, will love it. I am thinking about starting another one this year. Thats all for me today, Have a wonderful day, it's the only one you get!

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Anna said...

I love circle journals! I have a couple of them that I did years ago that went all over the world. One took almost 2 years to make it back home to me and I cherish these books for the memories they bring me.

Unknown said...

They are fun aren't they? I can't believe it took almost 2 years for you, I would have died from the anticipation. I take ours out all the time and look at it and since my mother has passed away, I now have it at my house. Thanks Anna <3

SandeeNC said...

That is a great idea and so glad that it got to your mom, I know you will treasure it always and will pass it down to the next generation. ♥

Unknown said...

Thank you Sandee and yes I will, I am into our heritage and have gone almost as far as I can so now just need to get it all into order. I am hoping one of my children or grandchildren will appreciate it when I am gone, seeing where they originated from.

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Donna I am leaving you a message from the great blog hop from Sandee, I love your work and great hummor you keep us on our toes, I love the circle journal, I was looking at some of my stash and I found a book like the one you just did I guess that is also a journal not sure. I would love to make Heritage journals as I have lost so many members of my close family and with a great cottonwood journals I could get this done, I love the work you do and love the blog.

Arty Auntie said...

Donna, I can clearly see why your circle journal would mean so much to you. I'm all teared up now, just thinking of all that love inside and what a glorious gift for your mother. Like you, I play and create in lots of mediums, although quilling has not yet been one of them. I do custom fused glass, I love painting, redecorating, upcycling, cooking, gardening. Almost anything you can do to create beauty in some way. Thanks for a heartfelt moment with your family.

Melissa said...

I have always wanted to do a circle journal ...
Love the way you explained it!

Byrd Street Studio said...

I think you are my sister heart connection... for real. You make me laugh and my heart feels full of joy. When I know you are sad, I feel very
motherly wanting to help you through it. Though you are much funnier than I, I can't help responding to your humor and throwing out the care that people will laugh at me instead of with me. Sisters in Soapmking, too. Your 'multiple' blog posts shows you are so stoopid unique that I can't help but shake my head and wish I was so uninhibited. After seeing your 'projects' here, I get the distinct impression you are hiding more. Everything is so awesome. Thank you for sharing your circle journal as I love that idea. Hugs, girlie

Martice Smith said...

What an amazing, heartfelt gift! Wow, that is a unique way to remember a loved one. I enjoyed your posts sooo much :)

Sandy said...

What a wonderful idea for your circle journal.. Love the domino book it looks amazing all in your vintage theme.
I'm off hopping.
Sandy :)

Unknown said...

Enjoyed peeking into your journal!!