Sunday, August 14, 2016

National Watermelon Day canvas

Every Summer Has A Story Canvas

Today is National Watermelon Day, yes, every day is National something. Who knew.....So today, I designed my post around Watermelons.
Summer, my favorite time of year. Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, fresh everything!!!
Today I made a canvas having to do with summer and watermelons.  I drew and colored a couple bird houses and then fussy cut some images I found.
Helmar 5
I then used my Helmar Decoupage and pasted down all the cutouts.
Helmar 6
I decided to also fussy cut a fence and a wheelbarrow, two of each, decoupaged the first layer down and then used Helmar  ZapDots to add dimension to the canvas by layering the second cut out down. On the wheelbarrow I cut out some watermelons and added those.
I then found some boarders that had watermelons on them and a green checkered pattern and added those to the sides of the canvas.
Helmar 3 Helmar 4
Here is a photo of the Helmar products I used which you can find to buy here. Check out their website and see all the products they have to offer.
And, here is a photo of the finished canvas and a photo of the side.
Helmar 1Helmar 2