Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good morning :) today I want to show you a project done with Twinkling H2O's and clay.

First of all you are going to need to find some rocks, doesn't matter what kind of rocks. Just any shape or form for what you have in mind. I picked ones that could be used as paper weights, or put into a cactus garden ( I love cactus and succulants, and have a small container of them in my house) or just use them as motivational rocks that sit on your crafty desk if you want. You could also use them as gifts depending on what you put on them.

Ok, so lets get started. Get your rocks, Twinkling H2O's, paint brush or foam brush, gesso, and anything else you may want to put on them.

First step: gesso your rocks. I put approximately 4 coats on each one. But it is up to you if you want the color of the rock to show thru or not. I waited in between each coat to let them dry or used my heat gun to hurry the process. (I have no patience some times) then pick your colors from your Twinkling H2O's that you would like to use. I used, Sweet Alfalfa, Blue Zircon, Autumn Butternut, Rose Gold, Mustard Green, Black Cherry, Mango Mamba, Cedar Wood, Persimmon and Pearl Red.

This is how they look after being gessoed and painted with the H2O's. You can't really see the shimmer in the picture, but believe me, they are yummy looking. I said after I put on the first color "Ohhhhh, I love that" and then said it for each one after. LOL

I kept adding layers until I was happy with the color. I love how the grooves in the rocks give them character. I left them to dry between coats.

I then made some clay pieces to add to them and painted those with the H2O's also.
  Here are the clay pieces I made to attach to them. I used E600 glue because I did not want the pieces falling off.
Here they are finished. I did add some rub ons that I have had from Stamping Up that I used on them.
And here is a close up. They turned out so pretty. I just love them. 
So, gather your rocks and Twinkling H2O's and have a go at them.
Twinkling H2O's are a ColourArt Product and you can find them here They have new products you MUST check out, so go and visit their website. 
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you give this awesome project a try. 


Anonymous said...

Look at you go!! These are so pretty Donna and love the colors!

Tommy Jo said...

Wow,you're a busy girl. Those are so beautiful and the colors are stunning. What a cute idea.

Anonymous said...

How cute & so clever!! Love this idea.
Betty Halcomb said...

I think you did a remarkable job.. I love that colors and the added clay pieces!

Proxxon Tools said...

these are very cute, thanks for using Colourarte products in your post today

SandeeNC said...

I love them!

Barbara Rankin said...

Very cute idea for paper weights, Donna. I have to admit that I say the same thing with each layer of the color I add, too.

Jackie said...

I love this idea.