Thursday, February 5, 2015

St Patricks Day Banner

Here I have a banner for St Patricks day. First, because for some reason I am into using Polyform Model Air Dry clay, I made the shamrocks using a mold I made. I left them to dry overnight and then some. Because they were so thick it took a while for them to completely dry. I then took some scrap pieces of material and made the banner part. I used chenille stems for the bodies of the leprechauns and an image from the internet for the heads. When the shamrocks were dry, I painted them  with Americana Irish Moss (perfect name for them, don't you think LOL) and then used a varnish and sprinkled on some gold Recollections glitter. The posts of gold were images I used from the internet also. I glued the pots of gold and the leprechauns onto the banner using my hot glue gun. I then used twine to thread them all together to make the banner. Hope you like me and have a great day!


Byrd Street Studio said...

Cute, cute,cute... and.. so stinkin' creative! Not sure I would have the patience for overnight 'and more' drying time!

SandeeNC said...

I love your banner, that is adorable!!