Thursday, February 19, 2015

Old book made into a portable craft carrier

Hi!! I have something so simple and amazing to show you. Have an old book sitting around, turn it into a craft carrier for when you are traveling.

Here is what you need: old book, fabric, sewing machine (you can use a hot glue gun only), glue gun and purse handles (I tore the handles off an old purse I had sitting around, well, actually my daughters, but don't tell her)

First you remove the inside pages, make the spine more secure by adding chipboard. Here I used a paint stirrer but chipboard will work. Then I cut my material to the size I needed and hemmed it. I then sewed in some pockets to hold my craft items and sewed on my purse handles. When that was completed (and believe me, I am no sewer, I had to look up where the reverse button was) I hot glued the fabric to the inside of the book. Now depending on the book you used, you can leave it as is on the outside or make it look however you choose. Ta Da Done!

Here are some pictures, please don't focus on how messy my desk is LOL but we all know how we are.

 I will probably redo the front of my book, but not sure how at the moment. I got my idea from Pinterest, you can find tons of inspriation there.


SandeeNC said...

AWESOME, I love this idea, finish the cover and send it in to Helmar to try out for the team!

Sandy said...

It's lovely Donna.. You will need to get some Peerless watercolours and make yourself a little travel set. They are so fun and work great with a waterbrush..

Granny Korner Craftingwithartgrandma said...

Donna, I am leaving some blogger love today, I just visited your blog and love it. I will return a bad penny. LOL.
I am not a robot, or i would craft faster. lol
Sharon Estes

SandeeNC said...

We are looking for you!!