Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 15 of #90daysofblogging

Lately I have been making paper beads. Paper beads are kind of like quilling except that you have to cut each piece of paper that you use and you only make beads. Which is fine. With quilling, you make each piece and then shape it into something like a leaf, a flower petal or even an animal, insect, etc. I have been working on a piece for almost a year now. I started it last June and then never finished it. I finally finished it these last couple of days. It does take a while to make a flower or whatever you are making. I don't have the quote on it yet because I have not decided on which one I want to use yet. The following is I guess still a work in progress, LOL

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2 comments: said...

I love your quilled sunflower. See you have such a plethora of crafty skills.. Always impressed with what you do!! xox

SandeeNC said...

LOVE that sunflower, I've never quilled but it's on my list of "someday I will do this!" Anyway, you do a fabulous job!