Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 26 of #90daysofblogging

I was finally able to catch one of the Cardinals at one of our birdfeeders today. Every time I see one or a finch, by the time I go get my camera and am ready to take a picture, they are gone. Well, while sitting out on our porch with my sister, she was visiting from Nebraska, I was finally able to get one.

Here I tried to get a close up but, it is kind of blurry.

Here are a couple more I took. You can just barely see him, darn. They are so pretty and their babies are just the cutest little birds.

 You can really see where my dog, Smokey, struts his stuff when another dog walks by LOL. Right side of the fence. He will scratches his feet on the ground like a bull right before charging. He sometimes thinks he is king of the hill. Hate to spoil it for him and tell him it is just his yard he is king of.....

Thanks for stopping by. And once again, don't forget my friends below.

    Sharon Estes 

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SandeeNC said...

We all need to be King of something, even if it's just a yard, lol Cardinals are hard to get pictures of, they are still just long enough for you to get your camera out, then poof! bye bye birdie! lol