Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 22 of #90daysofblogging

Not a lot happening today. This morning I went for training for a new job I am going to be starting. That took all morning, then came home to clean the house. I have a sister coming tomorrow from Nebraska to visit for a few days so I thought I should at least change the bedding on the spare bed in the spare bedroom, LOL.

Then did some laundry and more cleaning, it needed it. You could tell I have been neglecting that part....I would rather craft!

Then tonight I have my two grand boys over night :) and tomorrow they are going to a Big Truck Show with their dad. They will like that.

Other than that, I had a boring day, sorry.

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 Sharon Estes 


SandeeNC said...

Good for you to continue the blogging...even boring days count! said...

Doesn't sound boring to me.. you got a lot of things done! Maybe not a bunch of crafting.. but things were definitely accomplished!! xoxo