Saturday, May 23, 2015

Day 23 of 90daysofblogging

Recently I have gotten into making paper beads (Thank you Tamiko) but all I have is a toothpick to roll them with. I have watched a lot of videos on it and came across one that showed the V3 Focal Paper Bead Rolling Machine. This is a wooden machine that comes with two rollers and is suppose to make bead rolling a breeze.

I received it the other day in the mail and could now wait to tear into it and start using it. I immediately cut some paper and started rolling..........UGH!! Every single bead was stuck on the smaller roller and I had to tear, literally tear the paper off the roller. Which meant, no bead but a pile of torn up paper!!! I was NOT happy. The other roller which makes bigger holes in the beads works like a charm, the other one.....not so much.

Here is a picture of what it looks like

The one on the machine is the little stinker that does not want to work right.

Here is a picture of the bigger roller

Like I said, this one works like a charm, but I don't want all large hole beads.

I finally worked with the prongs and pried them apart a little, you can't much because the ball they are inside of doesn't really let you. But, I got a few beads to turn out right before I had to go in and pull them apart again.

Does anyone else have this problem if you own one of these? I would love to know the trick.

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Sandy said...

I have never used or seen one of these have a look on youtube you might find some tips from someone that has one. said...

I have seen these, they were a bit pricey for me. I hope you get it to work for you properly. Maybe you can post in the paper beading group your problem? Maybe they can advise you better???