Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 20 of #90daysofblogging

We do have a nice view of the Mississippi River where I live. We live right on the border of Iowa and Illinois and we have a huge dike that was build after a very bad flood in the 60's. The view is beautiful and it has a walking/bike riding/jogging trail that leads from one end of town to the next. Part of it is on the dike right along the Mississippi.

We had our dog, Smokey, with us and he gets so excited all he does is bark the whole time. He gets so excited when he know we are going to take him on a run or walk. We usually take him over across the bridge to Illinois where he can run free without a leash. We don't have to worry about him taking off on us because he is such a good obedient dog he always comes right back if he can't see us.

I don't think the video is going to upload :(. I could make sound effects for you but it just would not be the same LOL I will figure this out sometime and maybe post the video so you can see a part of our beautiful river border. Sorry :(

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